Business Law

With approximately 30 years of experience as legal counsel to countless companies, including publicly traded companies, we maintain the knowledge and experience to assist businesses with a full range of legal issues, from formation and dissolution to business as usual.


When you create a company, you want to be sure to do things the right way, the first time. We have assisted in the formation of many different entities, from corporations and LLCs to family limited partnerships. We can provide expert legal advice about what type of entity will be best for your business plan and how to provide for future expansion, all while avoiding excess taxes. We are familiar with the workings of the Montana Secretary of State's office and Department of Revenue-we know the hoops that need to be jumped through and can steer you around unnecessary red tape in setting up your business. We will work with you to write tight-fitting bylaws and rules for your company, guarding against personal liability and hostile takeover. We will help you make your business the right way, the first time.

Running Your Business

Once a business is established, there are certain technicalities-annual reports and filings-which are required by state and federal law. We provide this service for many companies, whether we assisted in their formation or not. We also assist companies established elsewhere, which do business in Montana, Idaho, or Utah. We can take the whole headache away by removing those annual reports and minutes from your busy schedule.
Chances are good that you will require a lawyer at some point in the lifetime of your business. We have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts, dealing with your employer/employee issues such as workers' compensation coverage and labor regulation compliance, and collecting from customers who breach their contracts.


When it's time to dissolve your business, it's usually not as simple as just pulling the plug. Like forming a new company, you want to dissolve your business the right way, the first time, so that there aren't any loose ends. We can guide you through the process of wrapping up business and paying off creditors, and we know what needs to be filed with the state.

We hope you'll come to consider us "your attorneys," someone you know you can count on to get things done for your business. Whether we help you form your business and stay with you through the years, or if you need some legal help with a company years or generations old, we have the expertise to get results.