Estate Planning and Probate

Everyone knows it's prudent to have a will and a plan in case of serious injury. Most people are uncomfortable thinking about their own incapacity or death, so they never plan for it. But when we never take the time to plan for the worst, and the worst happens, it is our loved ones who pay the price.

Estate Planning

We have substantial experience in estate planning. We will talk with you about your estate planning goals and recommend the best way to achieve them. We assist individuals, families, and businesses to make wills, trusts, family limited partnerships, guardianships, conservatorships, durable powers of attorney, advanced health care directives-anything in our extensive tool belt of tax- and heartache-saving devices to make the best plan for your needs. Whether you need a simple will package-will, durable power of attorney, and advanced health care directive-or an intricate tax-saving plan for your multi-million dollar ranch or business, we've been there. As experts in business and real estate law, we have the tools and experience to get a plan in place. And for anything we don't know, we work with other financial planners and tax advisors to ides or Incapacityntify and resolve complicated tax issues.

Planning for Illness or Incapacity

We will also make sure you have a plan in place so that doctors will know how to treat you (or not treat you) in the event of serious injury or illness. And we will empower someone to manage your financial affairs if you become unable to make those decisions yourself.

Once a plan is made, there are still odds and ends to attend to. Real estate and certain other assets often need to be deeded to a trust or other estate planning entity. We will take care of these steps in the background, keeping you apprised of our progress. You can rest easy knowing that you have a good plan securely in place.

Succession Plans

Many business owners never think to make a succession plan. As a result, too many successful family-owned businesses needlessly fail. We are experienced in business law as well as estate planning, so we are well equipped to assist you in drawing up a succession plan for your company. Let us help you make a plan, so the lifetime of hard work you have poured into your business doesn't go to waste.


Whether a person has a will or not, there is often a need for probate-the judicial process of distributing and accounting for the debts and assets of a deceased person's estate. We have handled many probate proceedings and can help you navigate the process. It can be difficult to focus on such matters while you are grieving the loss of a loved one. Let us assist you by doing most of the work.