Mediation and Arbitration

In a growing trend across the country, more and more people are staying out of the courtroom by resolving disputes by alternative means. While at times it is necessary to take a matter to court, the process is lengthy and expensive. Methods of alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation tend to be faster and cheaper than traditional court cases, while still producing results that are satisfying to the parties.

The Mediation and Arbitration Process

Arbitration is a process like a court hearing, where parties present evidence and arguments to the arbitrator, who performs a function like a judge. However, arbitration moves more quickly, is less costly, and has fewer strict rules than our ordinary court system. A qualified arbitrator understands the issues and will order a solution that is fair and reasonable.

Mediation is a corroborative process whereby the parties to a dispute discuss their sides of the argument with a mediator, who acts as a neutral intermediary. The mediator conveys information between the parties and assists the parties in reaching an agreement. A qualified mediator can see through arguments that lack legal merit and focus the parties on constructive negotiation.

Our Dispute Resolution Services

We support this trend toward mediation and arbitration as a cost-effective solution for our clients. We also provide mediation and arbitration services in Montana, southeast Idaho, and northern Utah for disputes that do not involve our clients. We are trained mediators and arbitrators, with the legal knowledge and experience to quickly parse through your dispute and find solutions that all parties can agree on. We are able to work with you whether or not the parties are represented by attorneys. We can host your mediation or arbitration at our office in Dillon, Montana or can arrange to hold it at a location that is convenient for the parties.

Choosing a Mediator or Arbitrator

Conflicts can be difficult to sort through without a knowledgeable neutral party involved, even when the parties have attorneys. Our mediators and arbitrators have experience with business disputes, contract disputes, property disputes (including rights of way and easements), probate, water rights, personal injury cases, and divorce mediation. Whether you have a conflict that you want to resolve in a time and cost efficient manner, you are involved in a dispute over a contract that requires arbitration, or you are involved in a court case where the judge has ordered mediation, be sure to hire a mediator or arbitrator who has the legal knowledge and experience to understand your case and help you reach a solution.